delle Sirene


Bitter Liquore
delle Sirene
Canto Amaro
Aromatic Bitters

12, avenue des Vosges
67000 Strasbourg
Tél. 06 08 76 69 39

Modern spirits with ancient heart

The Liquore delle Sirene is an invigorating artisanal gold bitter, a trip that from the tradition brings you far away. The Sirene is handcrafted by single infusion of 23 botanicals, love and Lake Garda vibe. It is handmade with natural ingredients, with a unique recipe that mix the Mediterranean fruits and the flowers, the sweet Oriental spices and the bitter roots from Americas. The Sirene take you in a magic sea made of Love, Mistery and a little of Madness.

The Sirene bring you into a magic sea full of Love, Mistery and a bit of Madness. Listen to the call of the Sirene, dive into the water, ride the waves, go and search for your destination. This is a special world discover. It is your world. Is it out there or just inside you?
Be brave, be adventurous, be ready to face any challenge. Bigger waves will bring bigger joy.

La sélection 

Bitter Artigianale

70 cl 23% vol

Canto Amaro

70 cl 27% vol

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